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Are you curious looking for passion

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The answer to these questions, it turns out, hinges on our approach to interests. Telling people to develop their passion, however, suggests an active one that depends on us—and allows yyou it can be challenging to pursue.

Finding your passion isn't about looking for a big sign to point you to it but being open to the invitation of creativity. As Liz points out, if you are. We look to others to tell us what to say or we tell them what they want to hear. Why are we so obsessed with defining our passion? Honestly. Find your calling. You need to look for your bigger why 5 tactics to finally find your passion (or: why you should be more curious!) Go to the.

This latest study builds on the work of Stanford psychologist Carol Dweckwho has written a great deal about the benefits of a growth mindset.

She worked on the new study as well.

The new research examines the effects of fixed and growth mindsets on learning, curiosity, and motivation. In three different test with different subjects, college students who identified either as technology and science types or as art and literature types—but not both—were assigned articles to read outside of their stated areas of interest.

The studies—done with Stanford University students and online with college students from all over the US—showed that those with a growth mindset were more inclined to find the articles interesting. In a fourth test, students answered a questionnaire about the effects of passions and interests.

They were asked to consider questions about obstacles one might face in an area of interest. A fifth experiment had tech and science types and the artistically inclined all look at a video on black holes.

The video was short and engaging, created for a lay audience. Even the artsy types who showed a growth mindset on a previously administered questionnaire were more inclined to slog through the tough text than the science nerds with a fixed perspective.

Furthermore, this newly developed interest does not appear to detract from their pre-existing interests. Instead, they might be seeing connections among new areas and the interests they already have.

He argues that a growth mindset can only offer benefits, whereas a fixed perspective can have dangerous downsides, including a tendency to abandon interests when faced with any difficulties. The researchers liken this approach to learning to perspectives on cyrious.

Those who search for their loojing true love have unrealistic expectations and can end up on an endless and empty quest. Meanwhile, those who believe that love is a project and a process will exercise more patience when their partner falls short of expectations and can ultimately experience Are you curious looking for passion of true love.

Extend the logic to interests, and the chances of actually being passionately fascinated increases. Skip to navigation Skip to content. The paths to ultimate flexibility The new research examines the effects of fixed and growth mindsets on learning, curiosity, and motivation.